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Thank you Donated Dental Services (DDS) and St. Vincent de Paul Volunteers

The following dentists either completed a case or accepted a new patient in February for the Donated Dental Services or the St. Vincent de Paul program. Both of these programs are administered by the Capital Area Dental Foundation and serve individuals in the community who would otherwise go without critical dental care.

Dr. Simon Garza
Dr. Danelle Kazmer
Dr. Kavin Kelp
Dr. Stan LaCroix
Dr. Frank Leavell
Dr. Wayne Radwanski
Dr. Wayne Ross
Dr. Neal Shah
Dr. Jacquelyn Vo
Dr. Fred Wilson

If you are a dentist and would like to volunteer for the DDS or St. Vincent de Paul program, please contact our Care Coordinator, Charlotte at

2 Responses to Thank you Donated Dental Services (DDS) and St. Vincent de Paul Volunteers

  • Sandra says:

    I had to leave prfessional employment before my retiremet at the City of Austin 5 years ago due to depression and frequent migraines. I am on Social Security Disability Insurance and live on $1150.00 per month (After Medicare payment) and $200 per month for school loan. I am working on my Masters in Education in Special Education and am 63 years old. I need a temporary bridge for the teeth pulled by the San Antonio Dental School participants 2 years ago. I became divorced right afterwards and lost half y income. I am unable to chew on my left side of my mouth, and have a gap in my once-beautiful smile.
    Please see if there is a dentist that could provide me dental services free or at a reduced cost in Austin.
    Thank you for the work the community and your loving agency provides. The disabled are sometimes the “forgotten ones”–especially those of us who still pla to get back into the work-world. My depresssion is under control. My morning migraines from a cervical injury allow will allow me to work soon part-time in the afternoons with idsabled children or adults when the job market opens again.
    I can be reached through my email.
    Blesss you for al the services you provide!

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