St. Vincent de Paul

St. VincentCADF dentists provide emergency dental care to low-income individuals through our partnership with St. Vincent de Paul. Dentists receive a modest reimbursement for the services they provide, although all care is free to the patient. For more information about volunteering with this special program, please contact our program coordinator at 512-992-1217.

Program Success Stories

  • Isabella

    Isabella is a cancer patient who came to CADF with a mouthful of teeth that were broken off at the gum line.  She had not been to a dentist in many years and needed to have her teeth removed so that she could start Bisphosphonate Therapy to treat her bone cancer.  Dr. Danelle N. Kazmer-Walton performed an oral evaluation and panoramic films before surgically removing three residual tooth roots.  Because of you, Isabella can now receive the cancer treatment she desperately needs.

  • Fernando

    Fernando, a homeless veteran, was taking medication for a painful tooth infection when he was treated by a CADF volunteer dentist.  Dr. Kavin Kelp performed an oral evaluation and surgically removed two erupted teeth.

    Fernando was honorably discharged from the military and despite some disabilities, he is saving his money so he can move from the Salvation Army shelter to a home of his own. Because of you and your support, Fernando is living without pain and trying to rebuild his life and become more independent.

  • Kevin

    Kevin, a widow living on Social Security and disability came to CADF with excruciating tooth pain.  His oral examination, performed by CADF volunteer dentist Dr. Kelly Keith, revealed that Kevin had only three full teeth remaining, all of which were infected.  All of his other teeth were broken.  Dr. Keith extracted five of Kevin’s teeth which both eliminated his pain and prevented further infection.

    Like many of the patients CADF treats through our partnership with St. Vincent de Paul, Kevin is medically fragile.  His diabetes has confined him to a wheelchair and he lives alone.  Because of you and your support of CADF, Kevin was treated by a dentist for the first time in 20 years.  His mouth does not hurt anymore and he no longer struggles to chew his food.

  • Juan

    Juan came to CADF with debilitating tooth pain and bleeding in the back of his mouth.  The father of three young children had not been to a dentist in six years.  After a comprehensive evaluation, CADF volunteer dentist, Dr. Danelle N. Kazmer-Walton extracted Juan’s aching tooth and eliminated the pain that plagued him for months.

    Although Juan recently lost his job, he continues to look for a source of income to support his family.  Thanks to CADF donors and volunteers, he now has both the confidence and physical strength to find a new job that will help him support his growing family.