Dentists on Campus (DOCS) Touch Lives of Nearly 2,000 Elementary School Students

One of the ways CADF dentists change lives is by reaching out to young children and their families through the Dentists on Campus (DOCS) program.

Dentists spend a few hours at an AISD school—providing hands-on instruction on healthy oral health habits. Children are provided with goodie bags that include toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and information to share with family about ways to prevent dental disease.

It’s a win-win for everyone and an easy way for dentists to give back to the community.

In February and March, 21 CADF volunteers visited 18 underserved elementary school campuses in the Austin area—serving nearly 2,000 elementary school students!

A special thanks to CADF dentists, Ensy Atarod and Stan LaCroix for their leadership and commitment to making the DOCS program the success that it is today.

Thank you to the St. David’s Foundation and the following professionals who volunteered their time in a school this year for the DOCS program:

Jim Adjan
Mindy Bartlett
Jeff Brunson
Meera Chandy
Aliisha Choucair
Caesar Collazo
Diane Flexenhar
Holly Hamancy
Jeran and Janet Hooten
Kavin Kelp
Kelly Keith
Yana Kushner
Stan La Croix
Sophie Luque
Russell McFarland
Kent Macauley
Jeannie Moody
Laura Morgan
J. Nantz
Barry Rouch
Mark Weaver

Are you a Dentist?

If so, DOCS needs you. If you love kids, but have only limited time in your schedule to volunteer, the DOCS program is a great fit. In just a few hours, you can make a positive impact on your community and experience the simple joy that comes with working with young children.

For more information about how to participate next year, please contact Dr. Ensy Atarod at